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 FACT  Tim McOsker will eliminate bureaucracy and bring commonsense solutions to address the homeless crisis, clean up our streets and get people the help they need.

On the City Council, Tim will listen to residents and put neighborhoods first:

  • Take the lead on improving and coordinating mental health and addiction services.

  • Invest in emergency shelters, transitional housing, permanent housing and affordability for all.

  • Increase access to mental health and supportive services to keep individuals and families housed and on the right path.

 FACT  As our City Councilmember Tim McOsker will focus on helping working families and seniors who are struggling with inflation and the rising cost of living. 

  • Tim is committed to job creation and strengthening local living wage laws.

  • Tim will stand with working families to protect workers’ rights.

  • Tim will take on corporations and companies that do not pay fair wages and are suspected of wage theft.

 FACT  Tim McOsker is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, nurses, teachers, and firefighters.

For a full list of statements of support
click here.

 FACT  Tim McOsker knows how to bring people together and create coalitions focused on real, tangible results.

  • Immediately after the pandemic hit, Tim worked with a local business improvement district to authorize funds to build permanent outdoor platforms that helped restaurants, bars and coffee shops survive – a program that became a model across the city.

  • While president of a local chamber of commerce, Tim worked with the County, local businesses and community groups on the adaptive reuse of an existing county building into a 40-bed shelter for the unhoused. The project was completed quickly, cost less than new construction, and is still in successful operation. 

  • While on the board of a local hospital, Tim worked with local agencies to establish and support a crisis center adjacent to an existing emergency room that allows those experiencing a mental health crisis to get the care they need more quickly and without delays in the medical center emergency department.

 FACT  Danielle Sandoval claims to be a champion for working families but has a bad habit of failing to pay her employees. 

  • She was found responsible for committing wage theft against four of her employees, including a dishwasher and a restaurant worker making $10 per hour.

  • Sandoval owes more than $37,000 in unpaid wages, penalties, and unemployment insurance. Meanwhile, she put that same amount - 37 thousand dollars - of her own money into her campaign.

  • One employee said Sandoval "kept giving excuses for not paying." 

 FACT  Danielle Sandoval is a typical politician who wants to have it both ways on policing.

  • On the neighborhood council, Sandoval repeatedly voted to increase police budgets, but has changed her stance now that she’s running for higher office.

  • Simultaneously, she supported a radical budget to cut police spending in LA by 95%, or more than one billion dollars.

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